Grant Writing

 Nonprofit organizations, regardless of their size or location, have numerous opportunities each year to apply for grant funds. Foundations and the federal government awards millions of dollars annually in grants to nonprofit organizations.

National Nonprofit Development

Now that you have successfully started your nonprofit, what’s next? Do you remain a nonprofit in your city and serve only the people in your community? Have you ever thought about the fact that other communities could use your program

Financial Development

This topic in the workshop will help nonprofit leaders and staff learn to understand the various/varied elements of fundraising, to recognize the importance of the relationship between an organization and its potential donors, and to construct and implement

Board Development

This standard of excellence begins in the boardroom. Excellence in the boardroom means that all board members, not just the executive committee, nurture their group responsibilities. It means that each board member participates in the discipline and productivity

Capacity Building

Capacity building is the most important investment a nonprofit can make. Capacity building is about building an organization’s ability to perform well. Capacity building is strategic and requires focusing on the organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

Web Development Services

Every small business requires a website. The Bynum Group also offers custom high-quality web design services to launch and brand your business. Our specialist delivers Full Cycle Web Design, Development, Maintenance and Online Support Services.

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